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Meet Prince!

Prince doesn’t get his name for nothin’, but it’s not what you’d think. He’s like The Artist Formerly Known As Prince and his foster agrees. He’s a particular guy, but once he warms up to you, you’re in for such a treat. Prince graces your presence when he wants to. He is wary of people at first (it’s only responsible for a true prince to be anyways!), but then after you prove your worth by giving him his space, he’ll head butt you and ask for scratches when he deems them appropriate. When he’s done, he’ll pat you on the arm to say no more and that’s that. Otherwise, he’ll be off on his own, writing his music (he can be heard singing his new tunes fairly frequently when happy) or just looking out the window for his next spark of inspiration.

His foster says that he respects people at night and does not dare to enter the bedroom and sleep with her, nor is he noisy or rambunctious. Instead, he waits for her alarm to go off, then saunters in with a swagger in his step to start singing you the tunes he created while you were asleep. He even loves to go outside for walks and adores the anonymity he gets from the stroller’s screen (so he doesn’t get mobbed by his fans, obviously).

Prince is ready for a new muse and to make your home his next Paisley Park. So what are you waiting for?

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Adopt A Pet


Meet Prince! A 12-year-old neutered male.